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Citywide Elevator Consulting keeps your vertical transportation equipment current, compliant and cost-effective, and your elevator vendor performing up to specs.

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Citywide Elevator Consulting provides property owners and managers with expert insight into the condition and currency of their vertical transportation assets. From compliance to capital planning, Citywide works with you to ensure that equipment meets all safety codes, and that your elevator maintenance company fulfills service contracts completely.

Proactive Property Management

At Citywide Elevator Consulting, we are engineers, experts and project managers with decades of field experience in vertical transportation. This cumulative experience has informed our firm’s belief that the only effective property management—the only way to avoid costly surprises and maintain your building’s value—is proactive management. Smart managers maximize their building’s worth by taking advantage of new opportunities, installing the right systems and maintaining them appropriately. And smart managers know when their own time is best spent elsewhere, while Citywide’s expert consultants deliver optimal results in the most cost-effective way.

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Turnkey Solutions

Citywide delivers a complete spectrum of vertical transportation-related services, with an experienced staff that cultivates long-term relationships with customers through knowledge, attention to detail and dedicated customer service. We have a broad understanding of all major brands of equipment and all property types, as well as detailed expertise in building codes, engineering and equipment. We provide complete solutions, from initial analysis of equipment or traffic, through conceptual drawings, RFPs, bid documents, bid-leveling and contract administration. We tailor each solution to meet the needs of the client. In short, Citywide Elevator Consulting provides proactive property managers both cost savings and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every aspect of their vertical transportation system is safe, compliant and delivering maximum value to the property.

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